Vancouver Pick-Up Information

When you order online you will select a pick-up day for your order. It will then be available for pick-up anytime from 5pm until closing on that day - ready for you to start your cleanse the following morning if you selected a cleanse.

If you would like to pick up earlier than 5:00pm, then please select the day before you would like to pickup so we can ensure that your juices are ready for you.

When you order a 1-Day or 3-Day Cleanse you will be given all of your juices at pick-up. 5-Day Cleanses will receive only three days of juices and you will need to return on day three for the remaining two days of your cleanse. 7 Day cleanses require 3 pickups - one on the evening before your cleanse starts, another on the evening of day 3, and another on the evening of day 5.