We are often asked how Jusu Organic Health Bar came about.  From tragedy came innovation and the desire to educate and motivate people to take health and wellness into their own hands.  Bruce Mullen, owner and founder has an intense desire to make the world a healthier place.  

No one welcomes the words “I’m sorry but you have aggressive breast cancer”.  These are the words that Bruce Mullen and the love of his life Charlene Mullen heard back in January 2011.  From that devastating day forward their life would never be the same.  The thought that Charlene would not see her beautiful 3-year-old daughter Caitlyn grow up and her stepson Brandon graduate from high school was more than she could bear.  It was the next 10 months, several ‘aha’ moments, soul searching, sweat and many tears that led Bruce Mullen into creating Victoria’s first healthy-fast-food-bar. 

Bruce, Charlene, Caitlyn & Brandon Mullen, April 2011.

Bruce, Charlene, Caitlyn & Brandon Mullen, April 2011.


No one really knows why some people get cancer and others don’t.  Two people can have identical lifestyles with entirely different outcomes. The fact that Charlene waited until her life was on the line to take a close look at her diet, was a big wake-up call for Bruce and his family. 

With Charlene’s relentless research in hopes of healing her body came many powerful learnings.  Bruce and Charlene travelled to the US, Switzerland & Germany in search of answers.  While nothing cured her disease she soon realized that her dietary choices effected how she felt, her immunity and her overall health & vitality. The information that she collected had powerful claims which helped her remain hopeful.  She was flooded with information from all over the planet but a recurring theme was the impact of raw, organic juice on health and immunity.  Soon juicing became a daily practice in the Mullen home. 

Initially Charlene used a centrifugal juicer but after further research she learned that cold pressed juice is the absolute highest quality juice available.  Conventional juicers, like the ones she was using (centrifugal, mastication & auger) handle produce fairly vigorously creating low heat and cellular oxidation.  The structure of the cells within the juice are damaged and therefore not as easily absorbed into the body.  This type of juice also needs to be consumed immediately to stop further oxidation.  Cold pressed juice was clearly the path of choice from that day on.  It’s called “cold” pressed because it’s slow process never creates heat and therefore keeps the integrity of the cells from oxidizing and becoming damaged.  This produces a superior product for prompt cellular absorption, optimal health benefits, superior taste and a longer shelf life.  Even though the cold pressing process was a time consuming, messy process, Charlene knew she needed to flood herself with as much nutrition as possible.  She also noticed that her cold pressed concoctions tasted better.

Week after week despite her juicing efforts Charlene and Bruce continued to receive bad news about Charlene’s health.  The biggest realization of all was that she only put importance on living a healthy lifestyle once she was faced with disease.  Cancer, as we know, is powerful and unforgiving.  10 months, a few continents and several alternative therapies after her initial diagnosis, cancer took Charlene on Nov 24th, 2011.  Could a healthy, organic diet have saved Charlene’s life?  No one really knows.  What we know for sure is that it will affect your energy level, your mental clarity, your joints, your skin, your organs and your overall health, wellness and vitality.  Live while you’re living.  Don’t wait until you’re dying.    

From this tragedy Bruce’s desire was to spread a message of health & to inspire people to take a look at their habits now, while they are able.  When business vision comes from powerful lessons and a passion to spread a message, the stars align to bring all the moving parts together efficiently and enthusiastically.  When I initially sat down with Bruce in the summer of 2014 his exact words to me were “I want to change people’s lives”.  On Nov 24th, 2014, exactly three years after Charlene’s death, Jusu Bar opened its first location in Cadboro Bay, Victoria.

Jusu Bar Cadboro Bay

Jusu Bar Cadboro Bay


Jusu Bar, through passion & innovation, has now expanded product offerings from cold pressed juice, smoothies and power-food-shots to a line of raw food (‘Jusu Fuel’), hot and healthy Elixirs and ‘Jusu Body’ (organic soaps, lotions, body scrubs, lip balms and more).  Jusu Fuel & Jusu Body are innovatively made from the organic, nutritious pulp of the cold pressed juice and nut mylks.  This is all part of the zero waste initiative and Jusu Bar’s goal to create an opportunity to live a healthy life, not only with what you put IN your body but what you put ON your body.    

Maintaining a company using only 100% organic, non-GMO products has its challenges but is something that Bruce, Brandon and the Jusu team are not willing to compromise.  “We want to create the highest quality products with superior taste and nutritional benefits” says Brandon Mullen.  Non-organic farming, even though it is cheaper, depletes the soil of micro-organisms, creates a toxic environment increasing pollution & greenhouse gas, contains cancer-causing chemical toxins and lower levels of vitamins & minerals. Organic farming promotes a healthy environment, healthy soil, products higher in vitamins & minerals and, very importantly, superior taste.

Jusu Bar is striving to be a leader in the healthy-fast-food industry.  It CAN be done and Jusu is proving this.  Customers get hooked on feeling fantastic and Jusu employees see it every day.

The entire Jusu Bar organization was created in honor of Charlene Mullen.  In order to live your best life possible, provide your body with organic nutrition inside & out and awaken yourself at a cellular level! 

In Bruce’s words “This is no joke to us.  We will move heaven and earth to do our part to help people be as healthy as possible.”