At JUSU Bar, we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life.

Victoria-based Bruce Mullen founded the company out of an intense desire to make the world a healthier place. After going through a personal story of tragedy he became determined to educate and motivate people to take health and wellness into their own hands. 


“At JUSU Bar our mission is simple. We are here to inspire health and energize lives.”

Starting back in Nov ’14 Jusu Bar Victoria offered only cold pressed juice, smoothies & superfood shots.  We’ve now added an entire grab-and-go food line-up made up of 100% organic, non GMO ingredients, that often include the pulp of our juices.  These items include wraps, toasts, sandwiches, soups, salads, dips, snacks, hot elixirs, and treats. To date we have 15 cold-pressed juices, hydrators and nut mylks.

Having recently acquired Krokodile Pear and Cru Juice we’ve spread our wings to the Vancouver and Calgary market and are proudly 12 stores strong.  We absorbed the best part of each company, their people, at the helm of Jusu Alberta is Amanda Hehr and Naomi LaBihan who founded Cru Juice.  These two moms and juicing devotees and began wholeheartedly pressing their own daily dose of regenerating, oxygenating, restorative green juice at home long before the secret got out. Over in Vancouver is Nick Lewis of Krokodile Pear who added healthy smoothies into his life after growing up on processed foods and soda.  He quickly saw the positive effects of nutrient-dense smoothies on his own health and with his entrepreneurial drive opened his first location. All three companies share the same vision of creating a healthier planet and now Jusu Bar has a stronger team than ever.

The Jusu story doesn't stop at food and beverages, in addition all of that is JUSU Body, our growing line of pulp-infused skin and body care products for nourishment at a deeper level. These products range from lotions and lip balms to shampoos, conditioners and scrubs. Soon Jusu Body will be adding organic cleaning products to its line-up, all with the same commitment to 100% organic, natural ingredients.

JUSU Bar is proud to be bringing the highest quality, 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, healthy options to the masses. At the core of everything we do is the drive to make the world a healthier place.  We want to meet you, hear your stories and help you infuse pure health into your life.

Welcome to a new wave of pulp culture. 
Welcome to JUSU.