Jusu Cleanses

There is no one answer when it comes to living a healthy life. At the end of the day you need to find what is right for your body, your mind, and your overall health.  You shouldn't go into a cleanse with the mindset that you are checking "be healthy" on your to do list. Instead view it as an opportunity to kickstart a new regime, conquer your cravings, or clear your mind and body. 

Our 100% organic cleanses will help stock your body with nutrients and vitamins, allow you to reflect on your current daily eating habits and reset. 

We have two healthy, organic cleanse options to choose from. Learn more about them below! 




3-Day Easy Cleanse

$165.00 CAD

Our Easy Cleanse is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of juice cleansing with this well-balanced body, mind & spirit rejuvenating liquid adventure. 


1-Day Easy Cleanse

$60.00 CAD

Our 1-day Easy Cleanse is a great way to let your body detoxify & revitalize your cells. It's a perfect way to hit the reset button! 



Deep Cleanse going green.png

3-Day Deep Cleanse

$165.00 CAD

Our Deep Cleanse was designed to take your cleanse one step further. It is lighter in overall calories and will help provide your body with a deep nutritional detox.

Deep Cleanse going green.png

1-Day Deep Cleanse

$60.00 CAD

Think you need a reset?  Bad habits can be tough to break, our 1-day deep cleanse is a perfect way to reset and recharge. 

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