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As of August 2019 Jusu Victoria will be putting our juices through High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). Here is some information about what HPP is, why we are doing it, and what you can expect in the coming months!

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+ What is HPP?

It is the process of subjecting sealed products to incredibly high pressures, which neutralizes food-borne pathogens like listeria and E. Coli, without preservatives or chemicals.

+ Why did you switch to HPP? What are the benefits?

After a lot of research, we discovered that HPP makes our juice safer, and increases the shelf life. The HPP process kills at least 99.99% of microorganisms, where there is no kill step involved in raw cold press juice. By extending our shelf life, it also reduces food waste.

+ How long is the shelf life?

After the HPP process, our juices have roughly a 45 day shelf life.

+ Does HPP heat the juice?

The whole process lasts about 1 minute. During that minute, the temperature of the juice can reach up to 18 degrees during pressurization, but returns to it’s original temperature immediately during decompression. Compare this to heat pasteurization which can be heated up to 71 degrees, in turn killing a lot of the nutrients.

+ Does it have to be refrigerated?

Yes. Refrigeration helps maintain the quality and flavor over long periods of time.

+ Once the bottle is open, how long does it last?

If there is no temperature abuse (if the juice stays between 0-4 degrees), the juice can be consumed for up to 3 days after opening.

+ What does HPP do to the nutrient content?

HPP has a minor effect on the nutrient content, with remaining contents in the range of 87% -100%.


The two major benefits are safer juice products and the second is that we can keep the juice on their shelf for much longer without it going to waste, which reduces our impact on the environment


Our Cold-Pressed juices will no longer be raw or unpasteurized. In some studies, HPP has a minor affect on the nutrient content of the cold-pressed juice, reducing it by about 5-10%.


We are continually committed to offering an organic, pure and plant-dense product assortment that helps to protect your health and wellbeing. With the introduction of HPP we’re excited about the opportunity to continue to innovate our products assortment while reducing JUSU’s food wastage.