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Below are some questions we get all the time, if you still have questions that aren't on this list please let us know below we typically respond within 24 hours! 

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+ What does “Cold Pressed” mean?

Cold Pressing is a process that extracts juice, vitamin, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods (nuts and seeds). Jusu’s Cold Press Juicers use a tremendous amount of hydraulic pressure to very slowly extract the nectar from organic produce maintaining the integrity of its cellular structure. It is a much gentler and slower process where little to no heat is created specifically from the lack of the fast spinning blade included in other form of juicing. This results in a juice that is much healthier, richer in nutrition & with bright colours and superior crisp, clean taste.

+ Why would you drink Jusu Juice rather than eat the whole food?

Jusu Juices are not meant to replace your daily fruits and vegetables unless you are doing a 1, 2, or 3 day cleanse. Jusu Juices are meant to add into your eating program to give you high quantities of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), enzymes and phytonutrients quickly. There are up to 6 pounds of produce (16-24 servings) in just one Jusu Juice. Try adding one or two Jusu Juices to your existing diet everyday for two weeks. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what the additional nutrition can do to your body.

+ Why does Organic Cold Press Juice cost more than the juice I buy at the grocery store?

At Jusu we use ONLY top quality, organic produce to craft our juices. Organic produce is higher priced than produce that has been subject to synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic produce spoils quicker and therefore needs to be ordered more frequently and in smaller quantities. Each Jusu juice contains 4-6 pounds of produce in every bottle. That’s 16-24 SERVINGS of produce. Cold Press Juicing (which gives us a nutrient-rich product) is a slow, hands-on process. The juice you see in the grocery store has been mass-produced with a long ‘shelf life’ in mind. Jusu Juice is handcrafted for a long healthy ‘human life’ in mind. The non-organic juice found in grocery stores has gone through a heat process or irradiation, it is therefore pasteurized and chemicals have to be added back in to maintain colors and flavor. So once all these processes are complete to create a long shelf life, the nutritional value is lessened. This is all done so it can go from manufacturer to truck to warehouse to truck to grocery store shelves where it can then sit for up to 9 months. Jusu juice is FRESH, ORGANIC, NUTRIENT RICH, COLORFUL and FLAVORFUL and therefore only has a 3-day shelf life. The best part of drinking Jusu juices however is the way it makes you feel. Once the benefits hit your body you we find Jusu Juices very reasonably priced. Don’t believe us though, try it yourself and let us know.

+ Are all of your products gluten free?

We have gluten-free and glutinous products on our menu.

+ Are your products gluten safe?

Our gluten-free products are handled specifically with “gluten-free” equipment. We have systems and processes in place and do the best we can to ensure no, or minimal, cross-contact. We have separate panini presses, cutting boards & utensils for each, although they are side-by-side. We do not use glutinous flour in our facilities so there is no air-borne gluten. If you have a severe gluten allergy please make wise choices keeping our processes and practices in mind.

+ Are all of your products dairy free?

We have a few items containing dairy although most of our menu is dairy-free.

+ Are all of your products vegan?

No. We have both vegan items, and items containing animal products on our menu.

+ Why does Jusu Bar use certified organic?

There are a few reasons why Jusu Bar chooses to use ONLY 100% certified organic produce. Most importantly, it is our goal to create the absolute highest quality product for you possible. Evidence shows that organic crops contain significantly more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown crops. Also, juicing produce that has been subject to synthetic fertilizers and chemical biocides found in non-organic produce is like consuming toxins in concentrated form. It is our aim to educate you to drink juice for ultimate health and steer clear of chemical toxins. All certified organic produce has been certified by an agency accredited by the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Healthier for us, healthier for our environment!

+ Do you pasteurize your juice

In Victoria we put our juice through HPP. We have a whole other FAQ section to answer your quesetions about that!

+ Can you explain acid/alkaline?

This is a very big topic so I will attempt to answer briefly and if you are interested in learning more please research further on your own. Your blood is naturally slightly alkaline (pH of 7.35-7.45) and your body will do whatever necessary to keep it that way. So, if you eat a highly acidic diet then your smart body pulls minerals from your bones and other tissue to maintain this level of alkalinity. Good for the blood but bad for the other tissue. Eating an acidic diet over a prolonged period of time will affect your bones, muscles and other important tissue in a negative way. Drinking alkaline cold pressed

+ Why do you use plastic cups?

The plastic cups we use at Jusu Bar are compostable and BPA Free

+ Why do you use plastic bottles?

The plastic bottles we use at Jusu Bar are BPA free and made from the most recyclable kind of plastic available (PET). They are much lighter to ship than glass, which decreases their overall carbon footprint. If you prefer to use a reusable container we encourage you to check out our Juicy Vessels.

+ Why should I drink cold-pressed juice?

Not all juices are created equal. Cold press juice is now considered the healthiest of all juices. Cold Pressed juice provides you with the highest quality, plant-based nutrition available. Jusu Cold Pressed Juice contains more vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes than traditional centrifugal juicers. At Jusu, our cold pressed juice is ALWAYS 100% organic, never heated, raw and unpasteurized. Jusu’s cold pressed juice also has a longer shelf life (refrigerator life) than centrifuged fresh juice. Centrifuge juice, although very healthy, creates heat due to a very fast spinning blade and the proteins within the juice start to break down. These juices should therefore be consumed within 30 minutes to get the nutritional benefits. Cold Pressed juice keeps its superior nutritional qualities and it’s fresh taste for up to 3 days. We take great pride in providing you with the highest quality juice possible. We treat each and every juice like a work of art. It is our goal to improve people’s lives with our quality juices, but don’t believe us, try it yourself and see how you feel.

+ What does Jusu mean?

Jusu translates from Japanese into ‘juice’.

+ I am allergic to nuts. Can I have your cold press juice?

Most of the Jusu juices are nut-free however they are manufactured in the same kitchen that we manufactured our nut mylks and other nut products.

+ What’s the best time to drink Jusu Juices and Mylks?

Great question. The best time to drink Jusu Juice or Mylk is on an empty stomach. This way there is no interruption of the digestion process and all the vital nutrients make their way into your cells. Wait 20-30 minutes before eating so this most wonderfully alive nutrition has optimal opportunity to get into your amazing bod!

+ Why is it beneficial to cleanse?

Cleansing has many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Even if you are a pillar of health you still absorb toxins from the environment. The list of toxins we are exposed to every day is very lengthy from air born pollutants, to cleaning products, to skin creams and hygiene products & food additives. Cleansing gives you a chance to rid your body of these toxins so you can create a healthy internal environment making it more challenging for the creation of disease. It also gives your digestive system a vacation from the daily work you put it through. This allows your body the energy, usually used for digestion, to restore your cells and start to detoxify. Cleansing is an empowering way to get your motor running smoothly, efficiently and energetically. For more information on cleansing go to Jusu Cleanses. You can read more about our Frequently Asked

+ I’m a diabetic. Can I do a Jusu Cleanse?

There are natural sugars in our Jusu Juices. This helps keep energy levels up while cleansing. Juice cleanses are not usually recommended for diabetics. Please consult your physician to advise you more fully.

+ Who should NOT do a cleanse?

It is always suggested to consult your doctor before doing a cleanse. As a precautionary statement, avoid cleansing if any of the following pertain to you; pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive, pre-diabetic or diabetic, children under 18, using prescription drugs (cleansing can affect the efficacy of some medications), have certain active cancers, have liver disease, have hepatitis, have bipolar disorder and/or have allergies to any of the cleanse ingredients. Your doctor will be able to advise you more fully.

+ I have so many questions about Cleansing. Where can I find more answers?

When you decide to embark on your first Jusu cleanse we will provide you with an information package and all the support you’ll need.



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