This is Jusu Bar’s version of a healthy lemonade that nourishes your body at a cellular level. E3Live gives the Blue Lagoon its beautiful aqua blue color and the health benefits are for anyone looking to balance & elevate mood, increase concentration & memory and boost energy. This drink is a favorite amongst all ages.

What's in it

Lemon, E3Live (Blue Green Algae), honey, water.


  • E3Live (blue green algae) has detoxification qualities that add to mental clarity and brain health.  
  • Very high nutritional density and superior absorbability so your cells are flushed and nourished at the same time allowing for optimal brain health  and overall vitality.  
  • All ingredients will help with increasing and sustaining energy levels.
  • Chlorophyl is an appetite suppressant and an excellent detoxifier of heavy metals & carcinogens but it also encourages the healing process and boosts energy.
  • All ingredients are high in antioxidants for cellular repair & disease prevention.

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