The Benefits of Organic Foods

To those that don't already know organic essentially means that something has been grown or produced without the use of synthetic chemicals. Below are some of the benefits associated with going organic and why you should choose organic whenever possible.  

Health Benefits Of An Organic Diet

  • Organic products tend to be more nutrient dense. Instead of being picked and ripened during transport, organic soil releases nitrogen slowly, which allows the plants to grow and ripen naturally. You may also notice an increase in flavour and texture! A lot of fruits and vegetables release enzymes (when grown organically) which break down the starches to sugars. These enzymes also help to break down cell walls, which contribute to juiciness! These things just cannot be chemically replicated.

  • A study done by the University of Newcastle, found that organic produce contained up to 40% more Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and other essential nutrients than non-organic.

  • Consuming Organic foods often means eating more seasonally, which ensures your body is adapting to changes in the environment and keeping in tune with your surroundings by getting the various vitamins and minerals you need for the time of year.

  • Possibly the most well-known part of using and consuming organic produce is avoiding all the synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

  • These synthetic chemicals put extra stress on the entire immune system and can trigger allergies (increased histamine levels) and an overall inflammatory response.

  • These chemicals are also a known carcinogen!

  • Synthetic chemicals can also become endocrine disrupters – interrupting regular hormone functions of the body.

The Benefits of Organic Produce

·      All organic produce has more vitamins, minerals, micronutrient, phytochemicals etc present and therefore healthier for our bodies.

·      The toxic chemical pesticides used on non-organic produce are carcinogenic for our body, our ecosystem (including animals, bird, insects etc) and our planet. 

·      The flavour of organic produce is vastly different than chemical laden produce.  They may not look as perfect but their colour is brighter, their texture juicier and their flavour deeper.

·      It helps our bee population.  Our bee population is currently declining and this directly effects crops that rely on pollination like almonds, apples, cucumbers, avocados etc.  Bees die when they are exposed to pesticides. 

·      It keeps our water cleaner. Wind and rain carries toxic chemicals from our farm lands that end up in our rivers and oceans.  This is an enormous problem for our water supply and our marine life. 

·      It ensures that we are not consuming GMOs. 

Sustainability Benefits Of Eating Organic

  • Buying organic, in season produce often means local as well. Which is excellent to help support local agricultural businesses.

  • Supporting organic produce also supports biodiversity. By avoiding synthetic pesticides and chemicals, a natural, balanced ecosystem is encouraged and supported.

Organic Foods - Mindfulness Benefits

  • In my opinion, going organic means returning to a natural state. As we are continuously tested by life’s’ many distractions, it is easy to become passive when it comes to consuming. Taking the time to be mindful and appreciative of where our food (and all products) are coming from, will have substantial benefits on both mind and body.


Written by Maggie Archibald

Shelby Stewart