My Story: The real inspiration behind Jusu Bar

By Bruce Mullen, Founder and President of Jusu Bar

People often ask me what inspired me to completely change the direction of my life to launch Jusu Bar. It’s not an easy story for me to tell, but it carries a message I strongly believe must be shared.


In 2010, I was living in Victoria with my wife Charlene, our three-year-old daughter Caitlyn, and our 16-year-old son Brandon. We had recently moved from Calgary after retiring from a long career in the transportation and energy-service business.

Then everything changed in mid-January 2011, when Charlene was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Suddenly, nothing was more important than finding a way to reverse — or at least stall — that devastating disease.

We did everything we could. We researched relentlessly and received treatments in the U.S., Canada, and Switzerland, ultimately looking for alternative therapies. Despite our desperate efforts and the guidance of experts from around the world, we continued to receive bad news about Charlene’s health.

On November 24, 2011, Charlene passed away. At the end, her sorrow was intense and focused on all she would be missing in the lives of her children: Caitlyn growing up, Brandon’s high school graduation. It was unimaginably heartbreaking, and it continues to be today.

No one really knows why some people get cancer and others don’t. Two people can have identical lifestyles with entirely different outcomes. But the fact that we waited until Charlene’s life was on the line to take a close look at our health and our diet was a big wake-up call for my family and me. 

It became very clear that chemically processed food and beverages damage your immune system — and I realized I had been feeding my family chemicals.

During those desperate 10 months after Charlene’s diagnosis, we learned some powerful lessons — specifically, how Charlene’s dietary choices affected how she felt, her immunity, and her overall health and vitality. Among the overwhelming volume of information we assessed, there was one recurring theme: the beneficial influence of raw, organic juice and food on health and immunity. It became very clear that chemically processed food and beverages damage your immune system — and I realized I had been feeding my family chemicals.

Soon after her diagnosis, juicing became a daily practice in our home. Initially, Charlene used a centrifugal juicer, but after further research, learned that cold pressing produces the absolute highest quality juice possible. Conventional juicers — centrifugal, mastication, and auger — operate fairly vigorously, creating low heat and cellular oxidation that damages the structure of the cells within the juice, rendering them less easily absorbed into the body. This type of juice also needs to be consumed immediately to stop further oxidation. 

Conversely, the cold-press process is slower and never creates heat, thereby retaining the integrity of the cells and preventing damage and oxidization. Cold pressing is time-consuming and messy, but the resulting juice is of significantly higher quality, promotes faster cellular absorption and optimal health benefits, and has a longer shelf life. Plus, it tastes better.

Could a healthy, organic diet have saved Charlene’s life by preventing cancer in the first place? No one really knows that. What we know for sure is that it will affect energy level, mental clarity, joints, skin, organs, and overall health, wellness, and vitality.  

I created Jusu Bar in honour of Charlene.


The first Jusu Bar opened in Cadboro Bay, Victoria on November 24, 2014, exactly three years after Charlene’s death.

My goal then and now is to make healthy, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free choices easy and delicious, so more people make the right nutrition choices about what they put in their bodies and on their bodies.

Jusu Bar is not just a business to me — it is a passion and a tribute to a great lady. I want to help people make the right choices to protect their health and the health of the people they love. To inspire everyone to live their best life now while they’re living. Jusu culture is creative innovation driven by purpose. It was too late for Charlene and maybe myself, but it is not too late for my family and for your family.  

Stay Healthy,


Shelby Stewart