Love Letters to JUSU

Dear JUSU Bar,

I wanted to write you of my recent journey with my father Herbie, and his love for Must Be Nuts.

My father at 92, is my deeply loved and admired ‘life’ teacher.  He has lived his life with a ‘Joi de Vie’ and a smile that lights up and lifts you into joy!  He observes and appreciates the beauty of life in the simple and subtle things, and brings this beauty into focus.  Spending time with my father often means his excitement to have me LOOK, SEE and FEEL the beauty of LIFE that surrounds us, down to its teeny miracles.

Herbie 2.png

Sept. 15th, 2017, my father had an ‘episode’, is how the Hospital described it, and it affected him like a TIA or mini-stroke.  His head fell forward and his oxygen supply decreased. Herbie’s speech, mobility, movement all ceased and we waited to see if Herbie would live through this. He did. When he opened his eyes, and realized something had happened and he had a new day, he chose life, despite his odds.

His beginnings started with hydrating and nourishing through a straw.  It was important to me that if he could drink through a straw, that he would drink quality nourishment. That is when JUSU Juice entered my father’s life.

I’m writing you because having JUSU as a choice for me and my father for our self-care, when life was moving fast; I felt deep gratitude to have such a choice for us both. As the large part of our demographic ages, there are many caring for aging parents and even more to come. It’s not only the parents, it’s US that need self-care! Many of our generation are sandwiched between still raising families and also caring for parents. A sudden health setback for either a parent or us, the caregivers, can happen. In my father’s case, it was his inability to eat solid food without the risk of choking to death, as he couldn’t clear blockage, should it catch in his throat. Thus, it was liquid food for him until he could clear his throat. The Hospital choice is Ensure. However, for me it was important and vital to give him the best high-quality nutrition, instant & liquid. We are so grateful that JUSU exists as I had a choice to choose healthy, nutritious, and drinkable…giving dad the best liquid nutrition, I felt, to support his healing.

Herbie 1.png

We are happy to share that Herbie is talking, singing, able to walk, and has chosen Must Be Nuts as his daily favourite JUSU beverage. Herbie still pays attention to subtle and beautiful things and when he enjoys his daily Must Be Nuts, each mouthful brings on a ‘Yum’ or an ‘Oh boy! This is good!’ with a big joyous smile!

JUSU is also liquid nutrition that subsidizes my daily intake to support my busy lifestyle trying to manage work and the energy it takes to be a caregiver and advocate for my father. I need the best nutritional, drinkable, for my on-the-move lifestyle. I even travel with frozen JUSU in my check-in luggage, so I have JUSU at my arrival destination to support my health, when I’m on-the-move and don’t have time or healthy options available.

Now, JUSU is part of my father & my daily life, supporting our health as we do our best to live our best life.

I just wanted to share our story with you and to Thank YOU!
Helene & Herbie xoxo


Shelby Stewart