1.     H20
I’m sure we’re all familiar with the hangover headache, but did you know irritability is also one of the first signs of dehydration? You can consume all the superfoods and vegetables you want, but if you’re not drinking enough water, everything else won’t really matter. Water is essential for your body to function properly and especially when it comes to expelling toxins. Alcohol and fried foods dehydrate the body, so it’s really important to rehydrate. These are a couple of my favorite tricks for drinking more water:

  • Carry a water bottle with you everywhere – it’ll help get you in the habit of taking more sips (i.e. sitting in traffic, waiting in line, going to the gym).

  • Throw in some fruit or vegetables to change up the flavour – My favorite combo is Blueberries and Basil.

  • Find a large water bottle – I find it easier to track how much water I’ve had for the day knowing I have to drink 2 of my extra large water bottles, instead of 10 glasses of water.


All green vegetables contain Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is excellent for helping your body break down heavy metals and neutralize toxins. Chlorophyll is high in the main antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, which help reduce the effects of free radicals (which accumulate from fried food and alcohol) and bring fresh oxygen to your cells for increased energy. A great source of Chlorophyll is Jusu’s greenest juice, Jade.

3.     SWEAT
The skin is our body’s largest organ for detoxification. One of the best things you can do to help your body is sweat it out. Exercising also releases endorphins, which are often severely depleted after drinking, often times the reason you feel sluggish or get a case of the hangover anxieties.

Everything we eat or drink is processed by our digestive system. Fried foods and alcohol can be very hard on our natural gut biome, which is important for our immune system as well as our mental well being. Incorporating fermented foods into your regime is a great way to help out the healthy bacteria. Kombucha, bone broth, kimchi, sauerkraut are all excellent gut-supporting foods!

5.     FIBRE
The combination of fibre and water are so important for filtering toxins and heavy metals from your body. A combination of soluble and insoluble fibres help contribute to lowering bad cholesterol levels, and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Both of these things are thrown off balance when fried foods and alcohol are mixed in. Incorporating whole grains, fruits and vegetables are important for getting your body back on track!


Shelby Stewart